Author: Adrien Lejart

How to Ramp Up Production After a Lull

In an ideal world, manufacturing would never stop, and fully secure processes, well-integrated automation and smart business practices would keep shops operating 24/7, 365 days a year. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In reality, shops often face interruptions in production and downturns due to circumstances beyond their control, including unusual events such…
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How to reduce lead time in machine shops?

In my previous article, I explained how and to what extent, having shorter lead times was a competitive advantage for most machine shops. We will now see the type of tools used to achieve this reduction in lead time. They are ranked in an increasing order by their difficulty of implementation and the magnitude of…
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Why reducing lead time will help machine shops recover from the crisis

The current situation is changing the way we are thinking. After we make sure that our family, friends, colleagues and ourselves are safe and healthy, we wonder how our business will recover from this unprecedented crisis. If they can adapt, local machine shops can become an alternative to overseas suppliers. Supply chains have…
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