Month: March 2020

Realities of Today’s Manufacturing Production Economics

Machine shops seek to produce a certain number of parts of a certain quality, in a certain amount of time, at a certain cost. Consistently achieving those goals involves controlling a myriad of factors including cutting parameters, tool cost and changeover times, machine tool utilization, workpiece handling expense and material and labor costs….
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The Practical Approach to Control Waste in Manufacturing

Manufacturers continually seek ways to maximize productivity and efficiency. Today, those efforts frequently involve high-level programs that employ buzzwords that include cloud computing, data-driven manufacturing, cyber-physical systems and Industry4.0. These advanced initiatives are excellent concepts and can produce impressive results. However, manufacturing realities often interfere with the implementation of such ambitious plans, and…
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Steps 6-10 To Peak Performance And Productivity (Part Two of a Two Part Series)

In the first part (found here), we discussed fundamental principles of machining (shops) and challenges along the way. Evolving strategies such as those that leverage data acquisition are becoming more widely known and used, but still many shops – particularly within the High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV) segment – are missing out, at…
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